Boucherie Massimo  9031-1697  Inc.






Our line of homemade products that we offer are made of premium cuts of meat and family recipes over 100 years old. All of our products are of the best quality meats. Our selection of sausages come fresh ready to cook and cured ready to eat. All of our cured sausage are made fresh and cured naturally, as we are a family business we ensure that our products must meet a certain standard.

At Boucherie Massimo we offer a lot more than just a specific cut of meat.

We offer a variety of ready to cook products for the modern family who wants to eat healthy but doesn't always have the time to do so.  

Our great dinner ideas offer a wide selection of different meats so you don't have to settle with just a roast.


We aim to please even the toughest of critics such as my grandchildren.


With times changing faster than we can keep up with, its good to know that somethings are changing with the times but still keeping traditions alive.

Dinner time is the most important time of the day. Its that one hour a day where the family stops what they are doing so they can sit and eat with each other and at same time catch up on that days events.

We deliver to anywhere in Quebec. All orders will be delivered frozen except for same day deliveries and local orders.

If you may have any questions feel free to contact us, we also posted some FAQ's that you may find helpful. 

                  All of our Sausages, Fresh Or Cured Are made with only  the best quality meat in montreal


We offer variety of ready to cook specialties that would make for a great dinner idea, and we also offer a variety of  cured meats that is sure to be a party favorite.